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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Heroes and Ugly Betty


Amanda and Betty. Amanda is
a character in Ugly Betty. I Heart Amanda, she is funny. Haha

This is Justin Suarez, Betty's openly gay nephew.
I love this scene, Justin was doing a Hairspray performance
to his dad, Santos while they were stuck in the subway.

Justin reminds me well of my childhood. Haha. Kidding. But I like
how the show has characters like Justin (Maximo Oliveros?) and Alexis Meade (a tranny), great thing for the whole LGBT community. Nicey.

And since my ISP has blocked all my extra online activities (wink),

I haven't yet seen the latest Ugly Betty episode. But i'll find a way.

This is obviously not Ugly Betty, haha. Screenshots from the last episode of Heroes
before it went to a season break. Too bad I/we still have to wait
until April 23 to know if Sylar (pic above) will be able to kill Peter Petrelli
with his index finger. Or with his mind. Haha. Love this show.

These are the only shows I liked and watched after Sex and the City.
A lot of people are telling me to watch all those shows with nurses and doctors in them or those husbands and wives on soaps and I might try them out someday
but Im sticking with Betty and the Heroes.

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