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Monday, March 19, 2007

Oh My Gawd


This is not a fashion blog, of course, I am not Bryanboy.
But the Spring 07 bags from Louis Vuitton totally caught my attention.

Why? Because I have this same bag.

And I use it to store my old clothes/stuff. And now high fashion people are selling it for hundreds or thousands of dollars, with an LV logo, of course, and people actually think it's worth it when they can find the same bags at Baguio Market for a cheaper price. They even come in different designs; my personal favourite is the Winnie The Pooh design.

Well whatever. People can spend their hardearned (?) money on anything, become fashionistas while the rest of the world is starving, sure thing. I can kill strangers anytime whenever i feel like doing it too, sure thing. But the point is, I have that same bag. Bow.

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Sarah said...

AHAHAH Bayong ba? Parang nakakita ako ng ganyan dati sa Pinas. HAHAHA!!

iko said...

haha yeah, sako-like material na tinahi para magkorteng bag.

nice ng layout mo mizsarah

Anonymous said...

ramille to.


angelica campers stored her shit in a neon pink winnie the pooh sako before she went to kyoto, japan. i lug that bag everywhere--legarda, la trinidad, bakakeng, lourdes, paris, milan, oslo, melbourne. charing. hahaha.

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