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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Good Morning!


Today, I ate doughnuts and green tea for breakfast. And I bought a newspaper. Why? Because I work up early, after so many years.
The loud speakers at this school near my place are playing graduation tunes mebbe because it's graduation day (?) for those sweaty kids I see every afternoon or mebbe the school mistress just wanted to wake me up and remind me of my failures. The sound was in ancient-mono, the most irritating thing evar after Mike Enriquez. Anyway, while I attempted to go back to sleep (cuz I wasnt destined to wake up til this afternoon), i was hearing all sorts of sounds, from AM radio news readers broadcasting crap; to vehicles from nearby South Drive making er, vehicle sounds, which made me decide to just get up and try to experience Baguio mornings.

So I got out, in my trendy pyjamas and went around and realized that people are happier at this time of the day. The Mr. Donut attendant, with all her fresh doughnuts and freshly brewed coffee and fresh Ever Bilena make-up greeted me with the nicest smile a minimum wage earning person can come up with (in a third world country) and the talipapa people, who didnt do anything to make me realize Its-A-Happy-Day, noticed me (because i was in my pjs and i did not even bother to fix my hair) and well, offered me pres pis prom the market. Wait, talipapa = market dba? And the taho vendor, oh that taho vendor, well, he was smoking Marlboro Reds and yeah, he was selling processed soya beans. He, too, didnt do anything.
I got so inspired this morning im going back to sleep now. Wtf.

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tribo said...

nice pic... kuha mo?

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