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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Pag-ibig Masdan Ang Ginawa Mo Special Edition


nothing to do with love actually. im just posting this old pic bluetoothed (?) from a friend last weekend. this was taken after a tiring pro-bono hosting stint in the lowlands last summer. the guys i hosted with were fatima and gerald, whom i had quick lunch with last sunday (or saturday) at snazzy Jollibee.

anyway, i have received comments on friendster about this blog. people say theyre too shy to leave comments here. fuckin whatever. all you have to is type a few words, akala niyo ba thesis to.

shoutouts to audi colongon pala, had dinner with him earlier this evening and we got to discuss how he dealt with his father's death and how he enjoyed his palawan trip (because they had to bring his dad's ashes from baguio to lovely palawan). i never had the chance to go visit the burol because i was busy at work. haaay. and raya. the famous raya martin
is coming up to baguio on saturday and we're going to fuckin sagada! hurrah!!!


yehey i bought an ukay jacket. we were negotiating with the ukay lady when super-friend, dance diva louie passed by and saw the jacket i was planning to buy and he said it was indeed lovely. dint agree with the price so we left ukay lady and when i finally decided to buy the jacket for the price ukay lady wanted, guess who's trying it on? it was that bitch louie! buti na lang he dint buy it but audi and i were like laughing our asses off cuz of that sight. anyway, if you happen to read this, i love you so much louie honey, you know that.

i remember meeting louie because of some jacket. he used to be a dance diva at this local dance place here in baguio and when i saw him struggling dancing with his jacket on, i offered to hold it for him. and i misplaced his jacket. haha, some poor person with expensive taste might have taken it home and i was ultra scared of telling louie. i dint even know his name that time for chrissake. anyway, it all went out okay. and that's how i met louie. shoutouts to you too louie boy!

that's all.

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