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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Gee, New Post!


There are days when you feel too good about yourself you just wanna go out and kill people. But instead i choose to do a majestic update. A lot of people are gonna kill me because of my blog's inactivity since i dunno when. I know y'all have told your friends all about me and printed flyers and held pride parades in honor of this blog but I was just too busy (or lazy) to blog for the past weeks. I'm like the president of this third-world nation with my approval rating sinking to bottom zero, I know, but No, im no mrs. arroyo cuz i have better skin and the last time i cheated was in highschool when I used SMS to cheat during an exam. plus im honest.

Did i say something about feeling good about myself? haha i'm not gonna talk about that on this post cuz you can always check out the glow in me when you see me roaming the streets of baguio. just reach out your hand and curtsy, like a well-mannerred british girl and slap me. slap me bitches and tell me things like,"Ang sarap sarap mong bata ka!"

You guys like the new layout noh? I like it too eh. If only I could marry my blog layout, I will. Thanks to Mr.
Andreas Viklund for the funky design, but I will still be doing a few quickies with the colour scheme and stuff in the next few days. Too bad I did not take my CSS classes seriously (i was too busy using the computer lab's free highspeed internet looking for torrents) that at first I thought what CSS meant was Classy Stylish Shit.

I honestly have no idea what to put here so I need your opinion y'all. Did you want to read about my horrible experiences with cab drivers? Did you want funny stuff? Poetry? Music reviews? Haha, tell me what you want, what you really, really, want, ya all spice boys and girls!

You can email me: ikosci@gmail.com or SMS your love and affection to this number: +639196364676.


So why is this called "Comeback, I Want You Back, Back-off Biatch" Edition? Because this is the BACK season for iko. A lot of things and people are coming back. People of my not-so-distant past, ex(cess)'s, jackets being returned-from-scanner-exile, my weight (im gaining weight, this is not a come back, dunno why i put this here), frequent night-outs and of course, leggings are fuckin back (wtf???)!!! Manilyn reynes is back on primetime (y'all should watch Backekang cuz it's the trendiest show now after Ugly Betty), and im sure britney's coming back, after finally deciding to divorce that backla guy kevin federline. My back is aching and I need a massage. At syempre, im BACK to blog!

Shoutouts to all who emailed, SMSed, snailmailed me letters begging me to do an update, yall know who you are.

More to come. Promise.

Do you have any suggestions? Add your comment. Please don't spam!
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Evan said...

Hey Iko. dropping by. :)

Evan here.

Dazzie said...

yeah, you need to blog more often iks. make it your 2007 resolution... that is kung di pa nakalista, hehe.

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