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Thursday, October 26, 2006

It's All About The Money


After a quick but costly visit to 7-Eleven before heading to work this morning (i bought soda, water, chocolates, cigarettes, chewing gum), I realized i really have to assess my spending habits now and start on a really smarter financial plan whatever for a cute working-class guy like me. So from now on, goodbye to expensive cab rides (i take a cab almost everywhere I go); although I'm not really sure if this is something I can easily give up - unless some people out there (hi ma, hi pa) would have the heart of buying me a car, kahit Altis lang. And I really have to stop my habit of impulse buying, just like last week's body shop tea tree oil facial wash purchase, which i immediately bought after the sales girl told me it gets rid of original sin.

a few of my friends told me to enjoy and pamper myself first with my earnings because im still young and stuff but i dont really think that's something i wanna do after receiving my next paycheck. i just realized that at my age of 21, i haven't saved much and i got to ask myself, 'what if bukas may ibentang Salvation Package for only 30grand, tapos wala man lang akong ganung savings? tapos lahat ng friends ko will be saved and have eternal lives?' right, like dont we all want to be saved? so let's save. Im so gonna save im gonna make it the 2nd best thing next to madonna. so what am i gonna do with my savings? im gonna buy myself slaves. 36 slaves. kidding.

I think im spending way too much, high above what i am earning. i still get regular allowance from my parents, of course, and i could still ask them to buy me new stuff anyway, but I must realize that this wont happen forever, cuz eventually i will have to totally live on my own (or start a non-traditional, vegetarian family) OR id grow old poor, un-moisturized and wrinkled like shar pei dogs.

i will still spend on skincare/supplements no matter what. And food. And nightouts. And spas. And hotels. And new clothes. Expensive, designer clothes. And shoes, darn, i am sooo gonna buy myself 6 pairs of PONY shoes. which reminds me, i want a new pet too, like, a Pony. Dann it, can i just start saving at the age of 30?

of course im kidding.

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southdude said...

Convenience stores mark up their prices by an average of 5 pesos. Suggest ko magbaon ka. Corny, pero it helps you save. (So you could splurge on those beauty products ehehehe)

-=anj=- said...

sure iks! whatever!! didn't you just buy a GUESS shirt from the mall with me yesterday?? hahaha It's all good! It's true do enjoy yourself and pamper yourself..but in moderation..Try to set a fixed amount to save monthly.. Damn! I'm beginning to sound like a friggin financial adviser! hehe We all know that's not true!

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