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Sunday, July 01, 2007



You guys check out this site: www.bloginterviewer.com and read my interview. As usual, I'm no good in interviews so the answers I gave were all lame and crappy. At least the people from bloginterviewer.com featured my blog and now I feel better cuz I a lot more will get to read my blog now, no need to please for site visitors from friendster for now.

I woke up late today and I almost died (yeah) when I realized I'm late for supposedlunch with super friend Pao, who visited the highlands recently. So I had to come up with excuses but I wasn't too creative that time so I just told him I had visitors. It's true anyway, cousins from the south came for lunch.

Nothing big happened today, same old same old routine but I have a lot of deadlines I need to finish. Maybe I'll post more later. Love ya guys. Haha.

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dazzie said...

bad bad ikosci, you had pao fooled! :-) cmon up the highlands, we miss you!

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