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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Senyora, Narito Na Po Ang Tsaa


I wanted to kill myself when I got a late SMS alert from Google Calendar about Rosa Rosal's life story being shown on TV. I only got to watch the last part of Magpakailanman when Mel Tiangco interviews her guests and I snapped a screenshot (which is part of the artwork above). I missed the best part, I dint even see who played the role of Rosa Rosal and stuff. Sad.

Anyway, for those who do not know Rosa Rosal, like if you grew up somewhere else, dont worry, I don't know much about her too. All I know is that she often appears in movies or on TV dramas as the uber rich donya, Roman Catholic and uber nice, would pat the uniformed helpers in the head, usually sitting on a wheelchair-but-still-classy with all the amber and turquiose the wardrobe department could ever find, etc. I can't even recall which movies she has appeared in but one thing im sooo sure about her is that she likes blood.

Although she is not some sort of a vampire or bat or dinuguan lover, she's known for her blood donation activities (because she's the founder? artistic director? leader? secretary? reyna emperatriz? governor? of the philippine red cross). So the next time you run out of blood and the hospital guys find blood quickly, take a deep breath and think of this really nice lady. She's nice kaya!

Now a lot of people are asking me why I made my blog address rosarosal.blogspot.com. Aside from good recall (i was thinking of thoughtsstraightfrommybeatingheartofgold, pero duh dba!) I can't think of anything else. Haha im such a lousy writer.

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foxyreign said...

Oo nga!
I was about to ask you earlier, why rosarosal?

Thats intriguing.
Unless your an avid fan.

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