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Thursday, February 01, 2007

V is for LOVE


He stood there watching my body float in a puddle of fake blood.

"That's it? That's all you can do?" He was still standing there as if what I did wasn't a grand act. Not smiling, not even mad, he was just staring. I just had to do the fake blood thing because i badly wanted him back.

"Oh it's you. I didn't hear you open the door."

"That's because your hearing aid is soaked in that bloody mess." He just stayed there, wouldn't even put down his bag. Wouldn't even take off his tiara.

"Yes this is blood, I cut myself, I tried to kill myself, but gee, I'm alive, ha ha."

"Enough with your crap Marilou, can't you see im wearing your tiara? Come on, we're over, I'm gay now."

Over pala ha. I stood up, reached for the gun in my bed and fired at him as if he was the devil himself.

"Die faggot, die."

(Ganito ang napapala ng mga tamad mag blog, pumupurol. Patawad sa matagal na pagkawala. Actually, bumalik ako para muling magpaalam)

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-r- said...

Iko, and galing ng graphics. You're a GAWD and Im a worshipper

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