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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Tuition Fee Increase: Tutulan, Labanan, Ibasura


wala ka na ngang pang tuition itataas pa nila. calling all my rich friends, send me to this school. poor friends, you can just pray for me. ex-lovers, err, i dont care (weh?).

so i have finally decided to buy new shoes (i bought it with anj, ayan namention kita), i never wore shoes, only at places where shoes are required (sacred places, moviehouses-that-require-shoes etc), i have always liked wearing sandals and flipflops since my UP days. and oh i love America Ferrera who won a golden globe. have you guys seen the film Babel? i think i have mentioned it here before (like 24 months ago) and believe it or not, i just saw it last monday. i watched it with rafael who ate half of my boy bawang stock. subukan ko kayang maging magulo?

in case y'all wonderin where ive been lately, i was at sea level. i have to work too, you know. if only i could get paid while blogging (Adsense?) kakaririn ko to. im getting a massage later before i leave for LA. shoutouts to all the people who keep on coming back to my blog. and oh, did you guys know that some people, nasty people copied my works online (poetry, grafx) and put them on their own social networking sites profiles as if its their own hardwork. even my pics in friendster are being copied. feck you losers. please copy someone else's crap. or just go feck ur watermelons.

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Anonymous said...

e, try putting watermarks kaya in your photos? a translucent "ikosci.co.nr" it works two ways, it advertises you and it shows those plagiarists that you made the work. (i doubt that they now photoshop)

sending all the love from the lowlands, kath (your BALL classmate slash fan)

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