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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Magaling, Magaling, Magaling


sino kayang sinisipag magbabablog nowadays?

well i have received fabulous, inspiring remarks from people on my previous posts (like some stranger from Session Road came up to me yesterday and asked me if I have new posts or this guy from a local tambayan asked for more crazy stories; sorry i never got to ask for your names, hi to you guys) that's why im trying to work on more posts everyday.

<-- anyway,someone sent me this message on G4M, check this screen capture. kapal ng sagot ko noh, "Which movie?" haha.

another person SMSed me with the same question but this time he asked me if i was on the indie film Ang Pamana, which I have never seen and never evar heard of until I checked the website.

the truth is i have never appeared on a full length feature film and my first screen appearance is on a short short thesis film (it wasn't even a starring role for chrissake, I remember offering money to the lead actress, Andet, just to exchange roles with me). i would love to appear in a movie though.

shoutouts to the people from my shoutbox, people who email, SMS and people who link me on their blogs. y'all know who you are.

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marhgil said...

natawa ako sa reply mo. which movie? hehehe

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