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Friday, December 08, 2006

Hello Moto: Welcome To The World Baby Girl


This is what you can do with Adobe Photoshop's powerful liquify tool. It can create curves out of nowhere, even out of your dreams, right into your lovely screens.

In fairness I like her, sure Piolo Pascual wouldnt find her hot cuz she's not Sam Milby, pero sakin, pwede na rin. Image scan from neta of projectw (thanks thanks thanks pare); I did the soft focus effect + text. Y'all should see the real thing on print, the shots of Iwa Moto are nice. And if you guys can't afford to buy the magazine, you can always ask me for the link to the scans available online. PM niyo na lang ako, mahirap na.

Damn pati mga ganito pinapatulan ko na ngayon. I need to come up with more intelligent/critical stuff next post. Like the Con-Ass or the ASEAN summit in Cebu. Or something like Ikulong Mo Ko Sa Selda ng Iyong Puso, Daniel Smith.

Which reminds me what this Nicole I-Did-It-With-Cute-DanielSmith-Haha said on an interview with Mel Tiangco: "Ok lang uminom basta piliin ang kasama." Sure, fine, sige na, panalo ka na.*

*sorry pero iba talaga opinyon ko sa babaeng to.

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