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Monday, June 25, 2007



The reason why I haven't been posting for like, forever, again, is that I got really busy with work. Sandali, nabother ako saglit sa graphics na ginawa ko sa taas. Look at the shadow, talagang hindi nagbend? Or ganun talaga sa tunay na buhay?

Another reason why it took me 4325 days before I came up with new posts is because I've been working on a new template for this blog. Feeling ko kasi dapat parating nagpapalit ng template. Yung iba nga boypren ang parating napapalit, wag niyo na akong husgahan.

Pero I still need your opinion. Like do I need a new template? When I opened my blog today using Safari 3 Beta for Windows (my plug pa kayong mga hayop kayo) I thought the layout didn't look that bad after all, I just have to come up with a better banner (sa taas).

Sandali Tagalog ako ng Tagalog meron pala akong foreign readers (check out my ClustrMaps). In fact I even have one loyal reader from Russia, hellos to ya, Russian person, Vodka!!

I posted my email address above, I want you guys to write an essay saying everything you want to say about this blog and my new favorite soap opera Impostora. Did you know that in a month I only get maybe 5 non-work related emails? And if ever I get emails from personal contacts, these are still emails about work? Amazing, right?

Do you have any suggestions? Add your comment. Please don't spam!
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