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Friday, June 29, 2007

Random Santiago


Kayo talaga gagawan niyo na naman ng chismis tong dalawang 'to.(translation

Other Random Santiagos
(pagbigyan na - i dont know the english por dis eh, what, gimme five?)

I've been writing a lot in Tagalog/Filipino lately and I never realized I have readers from:

Birmingham, UK
Brockton, Mass
Merrylands, New South Wales, Aus
Winnipeg, Manitoba, CAN
Paradise Valley, Arizona
Dallas, Texas
Atlanta, Georgia
Cary, North Carolina
Palm Harbor, Florida
Missoula, Montana
Vrhnika, Beltinci, Slovenia
Gallaway, Tennessee
Green Bay, Wisconsin
Stillwater, Oklahoma
Camberley, Bracknell Forest
London, Lambeth
Berwyn, Pennsylvania

I'm sorry guys, I never thought you'd ever visit my 3rd world crap. Thing is I don't know how you got to find the link to this blog, I never posted my blog address anywhere in the net and the only advertising campaign I do is at friendster, where I flood the bulletins and beg my 600+ friends to visit my blog or when I flood the tagboards of a few people and leave messages like "Nadaan ako, daan ka rin sa blog ko kung busilak ang iyong puso" (translation: I was here, you go to my blog if you have good heart, right?)

Anyway a lot of you complained about the layout, how you have to scroll to the right to view the rest of the blog, or how the elements at the left of the page are not alligned, as if they're Zubiri-Pimentel, competing for the 12th post in the senate. Well I made this post at some online tech forum and begged for love and mercy to help me with the coding. I left the post at around 7:00 AM in the morning I think, and until now nobody cared to respond, and the only pageviews it got were five. Damn, they might even be my own pageviews.

Well when people ask for design help from me, I never hesitate to help them. And at that tech forum, when people have questions like, "How do I use Microsoft Word?" I spend hours and hours of research just to come up with a nice know-it-all, expert post to answer the magic question. The whole idea of this internet-community thing is to "open up ourselves to others" and responding to "Help Me" posts in forums or emails or anywhere in the web is a way of giving back to the community. I blog basically because I want to share my thoughts to other people. I ask for help because yeah I am stupid CSS-wise and I expect that my community, would respond to my post, and if they are too-busy with their high-tech lives, they could at least increase my post's pageviews.

Oh well at least I have readers from MidWest Amareka and yeah, shoutouts to y'all.

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