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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Ano Raw?!


online friend: kung bibigyan ka ng pagkakataon na balikan ang isang moment sa buhay mo, ano yun?

iko: wow nice, gusto ko yang mga ganyan. pwedeng english? mas sosyal eh.

online friend: oo ba. so if you will be a chance to go back to a moment in life, what's that?

iko: sana hindi na lang ako nag request mag-english.

jusme, gusto pa akong gawing chance.


i hate blogger beta. i wanna go back to the classic blogger interface but i dont think that's possible. it's like dying to go back to new york, even if you haven't even been there. i've tried uploading new design stuff for this blog but effin Blogger Beta would tell me it's not possible at this moment, like same-sex marriage in the Philippines. like this is a new update but there's no image whatsoever.

that's the reason why i have been tamad posting entries lately, gusto ko may graphics. gusto ko sosyal. gusto ko, gusto mo, gusto nating lahat, Gustavo Aldama. ano raw?

sorry pinaninindigan ko lang yung title ng post.

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billy boy said...

hilafuckinglarious!!! pumalpak tuloy...

billy boy said...

hilafuckinglarious, pumalpak tuloy

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