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Monday, October 23, 2006

I Heart Stuff and Other Blahs Fabulous Indigenous Edition


Kordi Day (January 2003)

ang bundok
at ang langit
na buhay
kung tawagin.

dumadaloy ang dugo
sa ugat
ng mga puno,
sa bundok
at langit na
lahat nag-aangkin.
ang bundok
at ang langit
na rehas
kung tawagin,
na kahit
tumubo sa dibdib,
nakapinid sa palad,
at himlayan ng
mga kaluluwa't
kahit buhay
kung ituring-
ang bundok
at ang langit
ay nililipad
sa ihip
ng sariling hangin.

oh well im from the cordilleras din kahit papano so i might as well do something for my community on this post. eh pano? do i need to start petitions to stop foreign companies from mining gold from our mountains, join mass actions against evil people who enjoy grabbing our ancestral domains, join rallies, pano nga? do i need to become a dazzie zapata who's working on a thesis about the portrayal of Indigenous people on tv? which reminds me pala, that marky cielo, kahit papano, is a big breakthrough for the ip community. he won the starstruck thing and stuff.

haha, this is total crap. i was actually planning to work on a really good academic write up about the marginalization of IPs today pero im too tamad i just posted an old poem back in the days when i was still a tibak tibak boy. anyway, if you guys want to read on advocacy stuff like this you can visit other sites like bulatlat.com or pcij.org diba? cuz this is like an ultra chummy blog dapat, panindigan ang title.

speaking of podcasts, im planning to put up my own podcast together with a lovely filmmaker/educator/bestfriend-ni-Ina-Raymundo-sa-Tuhog person called Tetet Lumasac. we got the idea after realizing that our conversations on gay liberation, early parenthood and a tattooed-man-staring-at-me-for-at-least-4-seconds-like-he-wants-to-touch-my-fanny while eating chicken gambas and pusit ala pobre at some restaurant kanina were worth-podcasting. so while walking down session i ccaint help but qualify our further discussions on objectivity, Sandra Aguinaldo, and mangga vendors as possible podcast topics. haha, i even took a mental note of tetet's asking our driver if she looks hindi-naligo or not.

speaking of hindi naligo, two girls wearing vendor clothes who really are vendors anyway suddenly appeared in front of me together with their bilaos of mangga kanina while waiting for tetet at the grocer. i asked them what the hell is up with them mangga ladies and the teary eyed girl said, in vernacular, "The police." Tipong, "Mga pu-les." (come on guys they have regional defects, wag husgahan) Anyway, I was about to ask for free taste from their line up of mangga/bayabas products (sawsaw with asin, suka, bagoong, soy?, pawis, frustrations) when her co-vendor, appeared on the upper right corner of the scene on this mini-social commentary film, said, "Wala na," so they quickly went back to business. yun lang, akala niyo may social commentary opinion ecker ecker noh? haha, fill in the blanks my friends.

speaking of blanks, single ako. haha kelangan talagang i-connect?

speaking of connection, i need an ultra fast internet connection like T1 cuz i want to download all the future episodes of Ugly Betty, shown on abc, thursdays 7/8c, na malamang, hindi ko naman mapapanood kahit online kasi im not from the US.

speaking of us, yes im talking to you you moron, wala nang US. haha.

speaking of laughs, im laughing right now. and look who's crying now? biatch! (yes im still referring to you, you moron)

that's it.

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ewik said...

why not put the chords of this poem/song as well?

naalala ko si loreen...yeheee!!!


Dazzie said...

Extra pala ako.
Check. Hehehe.

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