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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Eager Angel, Lowland Invasion And Othe Blahs


At last
, I'm goin back to the lowlands, after what, weeks of not seeing my mom and justine/ian troy and lola and the birds, im finally, finally going back to sea level.

My friends, meet Justine. She's one of my youngest clients whom I worked with on her portfolio last summer and she paid me nothing. Oh well, i'm the king of pro bono. Anyway, we never got to finish her portfolio because she described my work as "the ultimate manifestation of Pinoy mediocrity." She's only 6 years old for chrissake and she seems to know everything, while, did you know what I knew when I was six? Nothing. Anyway, i love this child. I have pasalubong for her later (child on pic above is Justine).

And I caint wait to see my mom and tell her stories about work. I heart our endless chikka sessions at her bedroom while I comb her hair (like an effin teenage Victorian daughter, lol) or while I try on her new makeup and moisturizers
while i tell her about my girlfriends and how I love them so much or how I am so into girls with huge mammaries nowadays. Tho' all our conversations always always end up to her discussing Jesus and how Jesus loves me sooo much-he-died-in-the-cross-for-all-of-us (which I always attempt to divert to talking about Kris Aquino's pregnancy), I still love my mom. She's the prettiest woman in the world.

All my bags are packed and Im going now.

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