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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Ang Ikaklit Sa Aming Hardin


This is my friend Det Neri. She won the Palanca this year. I loveto yabang her cuz she's really fab. I Heart her. She's one of my Power Lesbians (shoutOUTs to Ramille, Pink, Yellow, and Blou, i heart y'all too, don't worry ). Power Gays, y'all know who you are, shoutouts to y'all too.
(photoshop artwork, january 2006)

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Anonymous said...

palanca award for?
(my first comment on ur blogsite.
after readin what..5 endorsments on friendstr and g4m to read ur blog.)
-steeper from g4m

iko said...

she won the palanca award for short story in filipino, 1st prize. wow who did the endorsements?

lei said...

wooahh..c ate detdet namiss ko na yann!!! taLaga..astig...pkisabi congratz...astig..hehe...ayan mei comment nako,,hehe..pero astig bLog mu kuya,,

steeper said...

ahh nice.wer cn i read a copy of her work?

uh yu did the endorsments lolz.

ewik said...


gustong-gusto ko talaga ang picture niyan iyan.

nakakamiss ang mga itsura natin nuon.


iko said...

check ewik. nakakamis ang lumang panahon, wala halos komplikasyon.

ewik said...

malungkot sa maynila

kaya nanuod na lamang kami ng bangquet kahapon with hana, dette and peter.

winner ang dance choreography, parang juon..

kakaiba and we call it art.

Bizzy D said...


how do you do these???

i'm soooooo jealous! :)

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