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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I Heart Stuff and Other Blahs Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is this?

A: Which one? Well, this page is my blog. That is a cat. This is my penis. Well, I Heart Stuff and Other Blahs started out as a shoe-shine boy in the late-70s and eventually received his degree in, daily bulletin post in Friendster where i posted crap and people thought it was just sooo clever they wanted to name an African territory of 50 million poor people and a million Manila Zoos of animals after me. But due to the heightened political crisis in the third world a few months ago plus a sad row with my Korean hairstylist, I decided to just stop the posts. But hey, y'all stop crying cuz im back.

Q: Nice.
A: That's it?

Q: Yes.
A: Why do you always have to do this to me Quintin? This is supposed to be an FAQ post for my blog. Well, whatever.

Anyway, im back.

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Anonymous said...

whatever iko! sure! "I Heart Stuff and Other Blahs" is a cool blog page title, label or whatever you call it in blog lingo, but i think i happen to know why and how you came up with it. i remember purchasing a film (which is in pirated DVD version) entitled "I Heart Huckabees" during our Peachville days. Since the title was written in such a way that "Heart" was drawn instead of written, i thought you read it as "I Love Huckabees." i remember clearly that it was you and "you know who," who corrected me by saying that it is indeed read as "I Heart Huckabees." and you both found it "cool" or whatever. so i'm sure this blog title, label, or whatever you call it in blog lingo, spinned off from that and from all the other memories you still keep so dearly in your heart.

"love is so short, forgetting is so long."
-pablo neruda

"do you have to, do have to let it linger..."

"your nothing but a second-rate trying hard copycat!"
-lavinia (preferably cherie gil)

"uuuyyy, mag-love"
-andette sanidad


iko said...

anonymous teacher who used to be my housemate @ peachville:

i heart you. thanks for visiting my lovely blog. you're lovely din actually.

Anonymous said...

make a "i heart disowned neophyte ball tibaks" (pekpek version)


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