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Sunday, August 05, 2007

I have finally realized that weekends should really be spent with loved ones and friends and of course, blogging. So when I woke up today and subconsciously opened Illustrator + Photoshop + Bridge + Dreamweaver + Cinema 4D after reading my mails and RSS feeds and checking for skype voice messages, I decided to hit the Ctrl + X key on each of the design software (Ctrl + Alt + Del or unplugging the main power socket could have done it all but I wanted it to be ceremonial, ha ha). Sure I need to work, but man, I need time for myself too.

So I fired up Utorrent (I am currently downloading 9 gigs worth of crap, mostly albums), turned off the display and left my work area. First I went out to play with RM and Justine who were busy reenacting a hospital scene where the mom is about to give birth but they said they can't do it without the dad.

I was amazed with how cleverly they got to come up with a story like that, they are only 2 and 6, respectively.

"Well I could be the dad," I offered, wanting to save them from agony.

"No you can't, I am the mama and you're too big to be the papa." Justine refused. RM was sitting on a pink plastic chair, watching intently as if she wants to volunteer to become the dad.

"Oh well. So are you the baby?" I asked RM.

"No, she's supposed to be the teddy bear for the new baby," Justine answered.

I left the girls talking about switching into a new game, which is to reenact a hit and run accident on which Justine would play the role of a shiny Toyota Vios (Justine pronounces Vs beautifully) and RM would be the road.

So I went back inside our house and found my mom rubbing her temples.

"So how's the paint job doin?" I asked. My mom volunteered to paint our windows last week on one condition, she'd get to choose the paint colour. And I don't usually trust her taste.

"The fumes givin me headaches, I can't bear it anymore, I think I'll just look to pay someone finish it instead. Interested?" she smiled at me as if the offer she just gave me was a basket full of bling or true love.

"Nah, alam mo namang allergic ako sa pawis." I ran as fast as I can ala Fiona Apple 'cuz I knew she was about to give me a lecture on Sweat Glands and Skin Diseases Hardwork, Life in the 70s, and of course, Jesus.

Although I have a crazy family (you haven't even heard of my dad yet, humanda kayo) spending time with them is a breath of fresh air and in some cases, with hints of potpourri. So from now on, no work on weekends. Keri? Keri!

see, this post doesn't even come with a graphic like all the other posts. kumusta naman?

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